The Pandemic Has Made Us All CHEFS in the Kitchen! Homemade Hot Pockets Coming Up!

Ever made homemade “hot pockets” before? Well, listen, between working from home, and becoming the head chef of the house, It seems like it could be a struggle to make homemade ANYTHING. But we can’t forget how much we have learned in the cooking department during this pandemic. This is something to be proud of and feel blessed to be able to do for our families.

Cooking and baking shouldn’t be a worrisome struggle for us. There ARE easy recipes out there for everyone to enjoy (whether you’re the chef or enjoying the chef’s food). This video here shows you how simple it is to make homemade “hot pockets”– cheeseburger style. But what’s nice about this recipe is that you can stuff these “hot pockets” with whatever fresh ingredients you desire! We all love to have food fast, but since becoming the chefs, why not slow it down and make the frozen food, FRESH?

Writing down your breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas for the week before putting on your chef’s hat will help TREMENDOUSLY with the burden of what to cook AND also will give you an idea of the groceries you’ll need for the week for your meals. It’s a WIN-WIN situation!

Now who’s ready to get in the kitchen? Give the recipe a try, don’t be shy!



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