He Could Pay Cash For The Chargers. The Sister Of The Owner Of An NFL Team Wants Jeff Bezos To Come to The Rescue.

Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon, holds the new at the introduction of the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD in Santa Monica, Calif., Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

With a net worth Friday of $180.6 billion, Jeff Bezos could pay double the value of every NFL team if he wanted, and own the entire league. 

The sister of the current owner of one team, just wants Bezos to own the team her brother controls.  

The Los Angeles Chargers are owned by the Spanos family, with Dean Spanos being the controlling owner. The family is allegedly wallowing in massive debt, and Dean’s sister Dea Spanos Berberian has now gone to Los Angeles County Superior Court to try to force her brother to sell the team to reduce the mounting family debt. 

In the court filing, Spanos Berberian goes so far as to actually name a potential buyer. Jeff Bezos. 

Being rumored of being interested in purchasing an NFL team is nothing new for the Amazon founder.  His name has been attached to the Washington Football team, the Detroit Lions, and the Seattle Seahawks.   Yet he still doesn’t own a professional sports franchise. 

CBS Sports reported that Bezos is close with multiple NFL team owners and has a great amount of support inside the league. The NFL ownership group is a very exclusive club, and if the current members don’t want you in, you aren’t going to be allowed to play.  So having that support will be key. 

Also, like Steve Ballmer, another uber rich billionaire who made his money in the tech industry and then purchased the Los Angeles Clippers, Bezos could overpay for the Chargers, and in the process increase the value of every other NFL team. 

Spanos Berberian is a co-trustee of the Spanos family trust along with her brother Dean. 

Currently the Chargers are not for sale, but if they were, their current value according to Forbes is $2.6 billion.  Roughly four decades ago, Dean’s father Alex Spanos purchased a majority interest in the Chargers when they were located in San Diego.  The price he paid was $40 million. 

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