The CDC Said Again On Tuesday That Kids Are Safe In Classrooms. Many Large Teacher Unions Refuse To Allow In-School Learning To Return Though.

Pre-kindergarten students listen as their teacher reads a story at Dawes Elementary in Chicago, Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. Chicago Public Schools students began their return to the classroom Monday as school doors opened to thousands of pre-kindergarten and some special education students after going remote last March due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Chicago Sun-Times via AP, Pool)

One thing that has been revealed from the coronavirus pandemic is the massive amount of power that teachers unions across the country wield. If there is one consistent theme as to why kids have not returned to in-person learning, you’ll find in most cases, it is because it has been shot down by unions.

It certainly can’t be blamed on in-person learning being dangerous.  The CDC confirmed Tuesday what many experts have been saying for months, that schools operating in-person learning with appropriate anti-viral precautions have seen only “scant transmission” of the virus.

That should cause mass celebration for kids who have wanted to return to their schools and bring relief to millions of parents trying to cope with the incredible burden of providing a good home schooling environment. 

CDC researchers wrote an article for the Journal of the American Medical Association discussing their findings. “The preponderance of available evidence from the fall school semester has been reassuring,” the CDC researchers said. “There has been little evidence that schools have contributed meaningfully to increased community transmission.”

The CDC continued to say that as long as schools can operate safely and take safety precautions, there is no evidence that schools will transmit COIVD-19 at rates that are any higher than those seen in the general community.

School boards are steadfastly fighting the return to school for students. In Chicago, the school districts are negotiating with teachers unions on how and when to get the kids back in the classroom. The Chicago school district wants students back February 1, but the Chicago Teachers Union voted to refuse to teach in person. There are similar stories throughout the country.

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