Swig States! Google Searches For “Liquor Store Near Me” Hit All-Time High On Election Night.

Drink up, America! As the election results look like they will drag out for days, possibly even weeks, Americans are turning from ballots to beer, or at least raising their spirits with spirits.

Google searches for “Liquor store near me” hit an all-time high in America on Election Night as Americans watched the results, or lack thereof, roll in. Delaware started the trend toward liquor-store hunting, followed by Maryland, Tennessee and Georgia. On the opposite side of the searches, Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska and Iowa appeared to be the best prepared, at least as far as their home bars were concerned, as they proved to have the fewest people booze-browsing.

Searches for “fast food” and “move to Canada” also spiked amidst the election madness.

With the election results still hanging in the balance, as a number of swing states are possibly headed for recounts and court challenges, look for liquor stores to remain popular places.

“Fries near me” and “Chinese food near me” were also two searches hitting all-time highs. Those searches may have had less to do with the presidential election and more to do with post-celebration munchie runs for those who voted in recreational marijuana in New Jersey, Arizona, South Dakota and Montana. It looks like it may just be a matter of time until “pot near me” starts hitting an all-time “high” in a number of ways.

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