Sweet Gig!  Canadian Candy Company Hiring Professional Taste Tester And Paying Six Figure Salary. 

Courtesy Candy Funhouse

It would be interesting to see if dental insurance comes with this job.  A Canadian company called Candy Funhouse is searching for a professional taste tester they plan on hiring. 

The person who lands the job better like candy a lot because they will be expected to taste test 113 pieces of candy per day.  That comes to 3,500 products per month, which is five times more than what the daily recommended intake of sugar should be. 

The job listing says the applicant must be at least 5 years old, so apparently, child labor laws are a little more loose north of the border. Jamal Hejazi is the CEO of Funhouse Candy, and he said if a kid as young as 5 years old is the person selected, that kid might hang on to the job for their entire life. 

Here’s what Hejazi told CNBC.

“We think a child’s unbiased opinion and creative imagination would be a huge asset for Candy Funhouse. They would take the idea on ideas, campaigns, and inspiration for new projects.”

The winning applicant must live in North America, and it’s required that they “love sugar.”

The company gets a little corny in parts of the job listing, saying the person who is hired will undergo extensive palate training. Why? Candy funhouse said they want to certify that their “golden taste buds” are worthy of this gig.  

The job will pay $100,000, and the deadline to send in an application is August 31. 

As for dental insurance, Candy Funhouse said they offer extensive coverage for an inevitable wave of cavities and other issues. 

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