What’s  A Modern Way For Nerdy, Socially Awkward And Shy Billionaires To Meet Super Models? Buy Their NFT’s. 

On paper, being a billionaire sounds great, doesn’t it? Having unlimited funds for any kind of fun you want to have is cool. Using your fortune to help the less fortunate is noble.  Hell, waking up on a Tuesday and deciding you want to buy a super yacht, sail around the world three times and power it with a gas furnace that burns $100 dollar bills is a possibility.  You can damn near do anything you want.  But what if you’re social game was so lame you make Bill Gates circa 1982-1991 look like George Clooney circa 1995-2006?  Well, again, you’re a billionaire with unfair advantages over almost everyone on the planet, including the ability to purchase the NFT of one of the world’s top super-models…

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