In Yacht Pursuit?  Russian Oligarch’s $600 Million Megayacht Sets Sail.

FILE - Chelsea soccer club owner Roman Abramovich sits in his box before their English Premier League soccer match against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge stadium in London, Dec. 19, 2015. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has on Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022 suddenly handed over the “stewardship and care” of the Premier League club to its charitable foundation trustees. The move came after a member of the British parliament called for the Russian billionaire to hand over the club in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. (AP Photo/Matt Dunham, File)

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Russian Oligarch” in the news more the past two weeks than you have your entire life. 

If you’re wondering what it is, the definition is pretty simple.  They are Uber-wealthy business leaders who are politically connected.  In other words, friends of Putin, most of whom benefited in the 1990s when the Soviet Union fell. 

Well, the free world is going after the oligarchs, attempting to freeze their assets and seize their fancy toys and real estate. 

Roman Abramovich is one of those oligarchs.  He owns the English Premier League soccer team Chelsea FC, which he has put on the market for $2.5 billion.

He also has a brand new superyacht that reportedly just left a dock in Barcelona Tuesday after undergoing repairs since 2021. 

Where is it headed?  To the Maldives? Turkey? It’s not sure, but the 460-foot  long boat worth $600 million that’s named “Solaris” should be easy to spot.

Reuters tried to get a spokesperson for Abramovich to tell them where the ship was sailing to, but no luck. 

“We never comment on the movements of the yacht or any other vehicles or vessels.”

Abramovich has not been sanctioned by the U.S. or its allies, unlike his fellow FOPs (Friends of Putin). 

He has a net worth of $13.6 billion.

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