Successful House Hunting For Hunter. Joe Biden’s Son Moved Into A $5.4 Million House In Venice, California, And The Neighbors Couldn’t Be Happier.

Say this about President Joe Biden’s 51-year old son Hunter; he makes a lot of interesting decisions. He reportedly is spending $25,00 per month renting a $5.4 million, three-story house in Venice, California.

The city of Venice has seen way more people leave the area than enter lately, mainly because of the looser laws that make many people feel unsafe because of an abnormally large homeless population. 

It’s very common to walk on sidewalks and have to dodge syringe needles and other unsanitary things you don’t expect to see in a major American city. The Biden family receives around-the-clock protection from the secret service, so they don’t have the concerns that most people do who live there.

The home is owned by the co-founder and CEO of the Sweetgreen fast casual restaurant chain.

The Daily Mail reported that the house has two bedrooms, both master suites, and is 3,700 square feet, with a private balcony that overlooks the Venice Canal.

The 24-hour security is an added benefit for the Biden family’s neighbors. A resident and neighbor of Biden told the Daily Mail “The security team is there 24/7 which is a plus for us here on the Venice Canals. We need the extra security considering the amount of crime we have. Interestingly the homeless people who were living up along the street he now lives on are gone.”

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