Subway Is Offering Free Sandwiches For Life. If You’re Willing To Ink Up Your Body With A Foot-Long Tattoo.

Jared Fogle got free Subway sandwiches for life for losing a bunch of weight, and things didn’t turn out so well for that pervert.  He’s serving 15 years in prison after being convicted of child sex tourism and possessing child pornography.

Subway has another gimmick that involves free sandwiches for life, and they are hoping this one ends better.  The deal is if someone agrees to get a footlong tattoo of a logo of its new Subway Series promotion, they get free grub for life. 

Fans of the sandwich shop who want a crack at this need to go to a block party in Las Vegas on Wednesday, where anyone who agrees to get a 12” by 12” tat on their sternum or back gets the grub. 

How much food is sandwiches for life? The person who gets the square foot of ink will receive $50,000 gift cards yearly. That’s just over $4,000 per month. $1,000 per week. $142 per day.  Four sandwiches per meal?  By the end of the first year, the winner might look like Jared Fogle looked before he started losing weight. 

Here’s a quote from DJ Tambe, the famous tattoo artist from Ink Master, that will give a tattoo to nine Subway superfine at the block party in Vegas. 

Tattoos hold a special meaning for my customers; they come to me to celebrate the things they love the most or to commemorate a major moment in their lives. Whether that’s the first time trying the Subway Series, or simply eternal love for Subway, I’m here to make that a permanent part of their lives and something to showcase.”

Subway has been in the giving mood this month. On July 12, they gave away 1 million free sandwiches. 

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