A NYC Dance Party! Gentlemen’s Clubs Have Re-Opened In New York And They Are Packed.

Far be it for anyone to pass judgment on another’s leisure-time choices.

That said, there is now an almost-comical rush to return to the land of the lap dance among eager New Yorkers.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday that he was lifting COVID restrictions on commercial and social settings – and that includes the, uh, “gentlemen’s clubs” in the state.

And, according to pagesix.com, “gentlemen packed into all three locations of jiggle joint Sapphire for the return of some skin-on-skin contact.”

Those running the contact-catering businesses couldn’t be more pleased.

“We were busy!” Sapphire COO Michael Wright told Page Six, adding that the pandemic was “extremely challenging.” 

For a peek behind the curtain, there’s this: At Sapphire locations, the restaurant portions opened in January, and, the past couple of months have seen performers working with a 12-foot-distance from patrons.

The gently defined act of “tableside dancing” was still prohibited.

As of this week, though, it’s a “go” for contact.

“It means it’s business back to normal,” Wright told pagesix.com. “People want contact and to be out of isolation and enjoy and smile and have human contact. I think people are ready to party. The city is ready to party.”

While many of the entertainers were laid off during the pandemic or fled town, Wright is looking forward to giving people work.

But, hey, don’t worry about those pesky health concerns. Just get busy.

“We will still be taking temperatures,” Wright said. “We have to have some layer of safety for guests and staff. We will of course keep antibacterials and face masks available. Some of that is best practices, not just about COVID.”

Of course.

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