No Hiring Crisis In The Strip Club Industry. Fire Marshal Shuts Down Mass Tryout For New Club In Las Vegas Over Fears Of “Travis Scott Situation.”

There’s one service-oriented business that is not having any problems finding people who want to work for it.  A new strip club called Club Ice in Las Vegas is set to open soon, and tryouts were held in a club in Henderson to find dancers. 

To say there was a lot of interest is an understatement, in fact, the Fire Marshal had to step in and shut down the event because there were too many people looking for jobs, and too much chaos to keep the situation safe. 

TMZ first reported that 1,000 women were there, looking to audition, and the event got shut down because some people were worried it could turn into a “Travis Scott situation.”

The tryouts were open to the public, and that’s where the chaos had the best chance of reaching out because spectators were throwing money into the air as the almost nude women were dancing for judges. 

Money was raining down, lots of it, as the Fire Marshal reportedly had to step in out of fear people could be trampled. 

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