Staying Power! Pfizer COVID Vaccine Might Be Effective For One Full Year.

An ad for COVID-19 testing reflects on glass at a bus stop, as pedestrians walk past Pfizer world headquarters in New York on Monday Nov. 9, 2020. Pfizer says an early peek at its vaccine data suggests the shots may be 90% effective at preventing COVID-19, but it doesn't mean a vaccine is imminent. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Scientists are continuing to provide a little light at the potential end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

The Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, found to be 90% effective in preventing coronavirus after exhaustive clinical trials, may be able to protect those who receive the vaccine for a year.

The CEO for the German company BioNTech, Ugur Sahin, told Fox News the vaccine could “protect from infection or reinfection for a significant period of time. I personally expect that a vaccine could protect us … for at least one year. If we learn that we need to re-immunize, we could do that after one year.”

Sahin told Reuters that, while the vaccine must be stored at a temperature of minus-94 degrees Fahrenheit before being shipped out, it could then remain effective up to five days at refrigerator temps.

“By December, we expect more data [on its potential storage], and if those results allow us to keep the vaccine in a fridge for longer than five days, maybe two weeks, that would again simplify things” in terms of distribution,” Sahin said.

The good news helped stabilize the stock market and propped up sagging travel and entertainment companies in anticipation of an eventual, gradual reopening.

“This is indeed unprecedented,” Sahin told Fox Business on Thursday’s “Mornings with Maria” program. “We started vaccine candidates development at the end of January, about 10 months ago in Germany, by starting to evaluate more than 20 candidates. In March, we announced our partnership with Pfizer.”

Sahin added that research already shows a roughly one-year span against infection for those who had the virus. The patients develop high levels of antibodies against COVID and that protection is thought to last 12 months. Those who receive the vaccine, Sahin said, should be no different.

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