Starbucks Having A Whole Latte Supply Problems. Ingredients For Drinks, Food Items and Even Cups And Lids Running Low.

This is a Starbucks logo in the window of a Starbucks in Homestead, Pa, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Have you noticed your favorite Starbucks barista sporting a long face lately? There’s a good reason she’s bummed. It’s from constantly sayin no to regular customers who can’t get their favorite menu items because of huge shortages of key ingredients needed to make the sugary caffeine-laden drinks. 

Peach and guava juices have become increasingly rare, but so have other things like iced and cold-brew coffees.  Breakfast foods are running short too, along with the decadent cake pops that are so popular. 

White mocha, sweet cream, and mango dragon fruit are running low. 

Even if you’re lucky enough to find that your local Starbucks has the ingredients needed to make your drink, they might have run out of straws, lids or cups. 

You’ve probably seen the signs that have become so prevalent at locations all over the country, announcing the fact supplies are low. If you don’t go to Starbucks, check out the videos on TikTok featuring bummed out baristas all over the country. 

The irony for Starbucks is they were one of the companies that thrived during the pandemic. They shifted from their position as a “third place,” otherwise known as one of those locations you could hang out for awhile using the wifi, or having a meeting with a colleague or client. In other words, get comfortable and stay for awhile, while sipping on your favorite drink. 

During the pandemic Starbuck’s focus was more on frictionless transactions, as customers ordered through mobile apps or went through drive-throughs. 

Now that sales are up to pre-pandemic levels though, most locations are feeling the pain of supply chain issues. 

You never know how much you missed your sugary $5.00 drink until you can’t have it anymore!

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