Stahl Tactic! CBS Airs Contentious “60 Minutes” Interview With President Trump.

President Trump helped promote his 37-minute “60-Minutes” interview by posting it to Facebook last week, and the contentious one-one-one aired on CBS Sunday night. It was doomed from the start of a “60 Minutes” tradition to interview each major-party presidential candidate. In the White House’s Roosevelt Room, correspondent Lesley Stahl asked Trump if was “OK with some tough questions.” “No, I’m not, I mean,” Trump said.

Stahl laughed, saying, “You’re not OK with tough questions?” “I want them to be fair,” Trump said. “You don’t ask (Democratic presidential nominee Joe) Biden tough questions.”

It was cringe-worthy viewing from there, as the early part of the questioning focused on the coronavirus. “We’ve done a good job,” Trump told Stahl. “We’ve done maybe a great job. What we haven’t done is a good job of convincing people like you, because you’re really quite impossible to convince.”

When Trump referred to “fake news,” Stahl recounted a time when Trump told her that he used the phrase to discredit the media. “You discredited yourself,” Trump told Stahl.

“You know, I don’t want to have this kind of angry …,” Stahl said. “Of course, you did,” Trump said. The exchange tone remained. Trump told Stahl that her questions “were no way to talk” when a producer mentioned that time was running out. At that point, Trump bowed out.

“Well, I think we have enough; we have enough of an interview here,” said Trump, who was supposed to have a joint interview with Vice President Mike Pence. Trump had the entirety of the Tuesday interview video posted prior to CBS’ airing, even though it was recorded as an agreement for archival usage. When Stahl asked “What just happened?” to Mike Pence as he joined her, the vice president said, “President Trump is a man who speaks his mind.”

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