Big Weekend For LeBron. Brings His Own Tequila To NBA Finals And Space Jam Opens To Big Crowds.

The NBA Finals are going on without LeBron James being involved on the court, but he still found ways to grab a ton of attention as the Suns and Bucks battle. 

James was sitting courtside at Game 5 of the Finals in Phoenix Saturday, along with his  business partner Maverick Carter and his alleged new high profile girlfriend, Adele. 

Oh, LeBron made news when he was at the game for bringing in his own bottle of tequila.  He stored it right on the floor in between his legs throughout the game.

On Sunday, early box office numbers were released for Space Jam: A New Legacy, which stars James and a bunch of characters from Looney Tunes, and the report was pretty positive. 

The fil was expected to gross about $20 million in the U.S. over the weekend, but instead that number will be over $31 million.

It’s a shock to a lot of people because word from critics is the movie stinks. It was universally crushed by reviewers, but people jonesing for a far-fetched story about cartoon basketball players got their fix and turned out in droves. 

It’s in theaters in North American and streaming on HBO/Max, so there’s multiple ways to see it. 

The film is a sequel to the original thet Michael Jordan starred in back in 2996.  By the way, when that movie came out, MJ was in the middle of leading his Bulls to their fifth NBA Title. 

The original with Jordan did $90.4 million domestically and over $230 million worldwide. 

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