Sorry, Mike!  Snoop Dogg Turns Down $2 Million To Be The DJ For MJ.

The problem with being red hot is you have to say no to some cool, high-paying gigs. An excellent problem to have, but still a bummer when you have to reject an offer from the biggest star in sports. 

Snoop Dogg was in demand before the Super Bowl in February, but after his halftime performance with Dr. Dre, his popularity has entered a new stratosphere.  Snoop was on Jake Paul’s podcast Jake Paul and Co., and he told the story of being so busy and his schedule being so booked that he had to take a pass on Michael Jordan’s big money offer to DJ a party of his.  The offer got up to $2 million for an hour or so of work, but he had to take a pass because Snoop had a gig already booked. According to Snoop, he had “other sh*t to do.”

Here’s more from the Paul podcast. 

“I know one of the craziest deals I turned down was like 2 million dollars to DJ a Michael Jordan party and I turned it down. I’ve never met Michael Jordan, but I still want to.”

Come again? Excuse me? Snoop Dogg, one of the biggest hip-hop icons from the 1990s, has never crossed paths with the greatest athlete of our generation? How is that possible?

Snoop dropped another bomb on the podcast.  He said Magic Johnson is his favorite MJ, which makes sense since he grew up in Southern California and loves the Lakers. 

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