Solutions for kids skipping school in 2020

Do anybody's else's kids be walking around the house "skipping class" right in front of you?
Problems with Education in 2020

Hello VTPost readers! 

Do you wanna get better results with educating your kids in 2020? 

This article is for you!

Andrew Aker here.  I’m a single father, school founder / previous owner turned homeschooler / unschooler / hackschooler,

I’m seeing alot of parents suffering here in America as they struggle to give their kids the best education that they can.

We’ve been conditioned by the state to be dependent on them for so many things…  Including the most important thing;  Guiding, growing and molding our children!

Here’s a post I saw on Facebook that I couldn’t resist writing a rant back to;

Do anybody's else's kids be walking around the house "skipping class" right in front of you?

               Here comes my rant in reply to her FB post;

Haha yes. Here’s the problem;

1. Kids are used to computers, TVs, tablets being something entertaining and engaging.

2. Most teachers are slow to understand and adapt to point number one above.

3. As far as I’ve seen in 2020, schools lack parent / guardian engagement training systems.

If we “game-ify” key performance habits, our kids’ focus will grow / hold, even when the content is boring.

We made a special star chart system for my school I opened in 2008.  Later we designed a home star chart for parents to use at home. The star chart itself is not so important as how you use it.  ( I can give you more details in a future post, if you like ) 

When we know what gets our kids really excited and even ecstatic, we can put that as the carrot which will motivate them to strive for mastery.

If we as parents involve our kids in creating a reward system for KPIs ( key performance indicators ), and we are super consistent / communicative / supportive, our children start to enjoy ( or at least don’t mind powering through ) the tough things that we know they should do.

Kids don’t take breaks from games because they are so engaging and fun.

If kids earn points daily, get rewards for small achievements ( even baby steps ) that will set them on the path to success.

Education is a lifelong learning marathon.

It’s all about trajectory.

Many kids don’t see where TODAY is pointing them for a future that til now, they probably have had little say in, much less have an adult ask them for their ideas on how they wanna be educated.

This is why they ditch class.

( I think some other folks here also ditched a few classes like I did back in the day. 😛 )

How often does your kids’ school teacher have zoom calls with parents? How much do parents get to connect with other parents from the same class and share notes / feedback with the parents?  If it’s not consistent and getting results, your schools are failing to do their job!

Next topic;

                  Have you heard this quote before?

Data is the new oil.” 

How about this one;

If you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product.”

Google classroom owns the school system now. ( I mean in the way that a hacker “owns” a network they are attacking.”  Let that sink in. They have our kids’ data.

Facebook can know ALOT about you based on as little as 5 likes. Can you imagine how much personal info Google is scraping from our kids? And what kind of AI are they feeding this data to or how else are they using it?

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us. This is the Brave New World we live in.

If you wanna get better results, you can try some unorthodox methods that can help your kids to

– Increase focus

– Increase confidence

– Increase respect

– Improve attitude / outlook on life

– LOVE learning and love to strive for mastery

If you wanna get some more concrete advice for your family, comment below this post and I will get in touch with you soon! 

I don’t have a website, I’m not selling anything. My schools and edtech business are in China ( where I lived for 18 years )

I just can’t standby and watch so many parents suffer because of a system that has failed them again and again but not allowed them to question the system.

Learning doesn’t have to be a chore. Raising kids doesn’t have to be so damn HARD.

When we have a real community of parents that really give a damn about each other, ( which I see here in this thread ) we can make life easier.

Haha I’m done ranting.

I hope my message finds everyone well.

BTW I’m in Kihei, Maui and can meet up with families for free advice / consultation. My daughter is 10 and would love to make new friends of all ages. I myself taught over 7k students in 18 years in China and counseled / coached hundreds of families and tons of teachers.

Now I’m here to serve families in America.


*Note:  Above article varies from my original FB post to give better context and understanding to VTPost readers.


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