First It Was Micro Chips, Now It’s Chips Ahoy? Brace Yourself For A Snack Shortage Thanks To Nabisco Employees Going On Strike.

Packages of Nabisco Chips Ahoy cookies line a shelf in a market in Pittsburgh, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2018. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar)

Do you sometimes feel that every day brings a new story about a shortage of some product you like?

A supply chain tie-up, COVID related slowdown, or the inability of cargo ships to get into major U.S. ports in a timely manner. 

The reason you feel that way is because it’s a fact.  There are new shortages to report daily, and here’s one that’s going to sting for a lot of Americans. 

There could be a major snack shortage on the horizon.

On August 10, roughly 200 employees that worked at a Nabisco bakery in Oregon walked off their job.  They went on strike, to protest the fact that their pensions were cut and replaced with a 401(k) plan.  

Their parent company also wanted to implement a plan that would make their shifts longer but reduce their overtime pay. 

The employees felt they had leverage, because it is so difficult for companies to find workers, so they hit the picket lines and the assembly lines that make your favorite snacks slowed down. 

The Wall Street Journal reported that grocery stores around the country are stocking up on popular snacks like Chips Ahoy, Oreos and Premium saltines. 

If you love Nabisco products, be prepared to grab them while you can, and you might be paying a little more for them because grocery store chains could be getting ride of normal discounts on them because of the high demand and low supply. 

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