Sign This Fan Up For Idiot Of The Year. Spectator At Tour De France Single Handedly Causes Mayhem in Huge Pileup.

Ideally, a spectator at the Tour de France would do what’s been done by fans of this event for decades: cheer on the competitors and enjoy the action,  but thanks to one bone-headed idiot, the first day of the race in 2021 will be known for a huge pileup of bikes. 

A fan holding a cardboard sign out way too far ended up hitting one of the riders, causing a chain reaction accident as scores of bikers bit the pavement in one of the craziest scenes you’ve ever seen at an event like this. 

The crash went down in Brest, when the racers had just 45 kilometers to go.  The fan looked like she was mugging for TV cameras and was completely oblivious to the fact the riders were barreling down on the road right next to her. Tony Martin is the biker that made direct contact with the sign, as he wiped out, taking dozens of others with him. 

There were multiple injuries to bikers, and rider Jasha Sutterlin was forced to quit the entire race. World champion Julian Alaphillipe won the stage. 


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