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Officials in Indonesia are trying to figure something out about the tragic loss of 53 crew members earlier this month who died when their military submarine sank. 

Namely, how the heck did it happen. 

Here’s an interesting theory they are seriously considering:  it may have been hit by an internal solitary wave in the waters off Bali. 

These waves are invisible, but have the power to pull a submarine down to dangerous depths. 


Consumer’s spending and personal income took off in March. 

Why? You may have figured out this obvious answer, but there’s three components. 

  1. Stiumulus checks
  2. People were becoming vaccinated
  3. The country, and more retail outlets and entertainment venues opened. 


The first day of the NFL Draft was exciting during the first hour, then fell off as offensive lineman, cornerbacks and players who most people never heard of started getting selected. 

The first three picks were QB’s. The Jaguars Trevor Lawrence and Trey Lance of the Niners have a chance to be huge studs.  Zack Wilson, who went #2 to the Jets, well, this is the Jets we’re talking about, so good luck kid. 

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So, remember that story where Lady Gaga’s dog walker was taking her two French Bulldogs for a walk in West Hollywood, and he got ambushed and shot, and dogs got dognapped?

well, LAPD find the guys that did it, and arrested three people who were involved in the robbery and shooting, they also nabbed a couple for helping them get away with it. 

The three got attempted murder and robbery charges.

Police think they did not know it was Gaga’s dogs, just some expensive pooches. 

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