Russia’s “Secret First Lady” Is Pregnant, And The President Is Reportedly Not Happy She’s Having A Girl.

Say this about Vladimir Putin; as long as he is President of Russia, there will never be a shortage of bizarre stories coming out of Moscow. 

Here’s the latest headline; he reportedly is unhappy that his former Olympic champion rhythmic gymnast lover is pregnant with another girl. Word is he has four children already with Alina Kabaeva, who is 30 years younger than Putin. 

The news is coming from the General SVR Telegram channel, which according to a New York Post report, is run by insiders at the Kremlin, and apparently, Putin would have preferred to be expecting a son.

Here’s an excerpt from an anonymous post made on that channel. 

“The news did not at all please the future father and the president of Russia in one person, who expressed the opinion that there were already enough children, and even more so, daughters, which upset Alina very much.” 

Reports indicate that Kabaevaan and Putin have two boys and a set of twin girls, and she has been staying in Switzerland with them since Putin began the war in Ukraine. 

Kabaeva met Putin after she won a gold medal for Russia at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, and four years later, she had earned the label of Russia’s “Secret First Lady.”

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