Roughing The Trophy! The Woman Who’s Silversmith Father Designed The Super Bowl Trophy For Tiffany’s Wants To Throw A Flag At Tom Brady.

In a career spanning 20 years and seven Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady has proved to be a master of good decisions.

But that’s largely from his in-game experience.

Decision-making while partying on a boat … in a parade … with victorious teammates … and what very likely was a good dose of liquid courage? That’s another matter, and now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback’s actions have spawned the demand for an apology.

Brady famously tossed the Lombardi Trophy – over water – from boat to boat, completing the notorious pass to Bucs tight end Cameron Brate during last Wednesday’s Super Bowl celebration.

In a story originally reported by Leslie DelasBour from in Cape Coral, Fla., Lorraine Grohs said the trophy treatment hurts her family’s legacy. Her father, Greg Grohs, was the silversmith for Tiffany and Co. who crafted the first Lombardi Trophy.

The “first” trophy? Yes, it is sculpted every year, so it’s not as if this trophy is the original, by any means.

However …

“It takes a lotta work, a lotta hard work. A lot of hours go into it. It just really upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football,” Lorraine Grohs said.

“I didn’t sleep for the past two nights because of this. I was that upset. Because I know the passion that goes into this trophy and how my dad and all his fellow silversmiths are so proud to make this. I personally would like an apology, not just to me and my family and the other silversmiths, but to the fans.”

An apology seems a decent move, though social media hasn’t exactly supported Grohs. In fact, Bucs general manager Jason Licht offered a GIF of Sgt. Hulka from “Stripes” saying “Lighten up, Francis.”

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