RobinHood Is Allowing Trades Again Friday On Reddit-Fueled Stocks. Here’s How They Are Doing.

FILE - This Dec. 17, 2020 file photo shows the logo for the Robinhood app on a smartphone in New York. The online trading platform Robinhood is moving to restrict trading in GameStop and other stocks that have soared recently due to rabid buying by smaller investors. (AP Photo/Patrick Sison)

Robinhood’s decision to shut down trading on GameStop Thursday was met with almost universal scorn. Democrats, Republicans, rappers (Ja Rule) CEO’s (David Portnoy), TV hosts (Jon Stewart) and so many others ripped the move to lock out amateur investors, and essentially try to protect hedge funds that were getting clobbered.

Robinhood tried to justify their move on Thursday by releasing a statement saying “we continuously monitor the markets and make changes where necessary.”

On Friday, based on some of the heat they had been taking, Robinhood eased some of their restrictions and allowed trading to resume on GameStop, AMC Entertainment, BlackBerry and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Here’s a quick look at how the stock prices of those companies are doing as of Noon Eastern on Friday.

Company:                                                Last Price:              Change $:                Change %:

GameStop  (GME)                                    $335.00                      +$137.56                  +69.67%

AMC Entertainment (AMC)                       $14.49                        +$5.81                      +66.94%

Nokia Corp  (NOK)                                    $4.92                          +$0.21                      +4.46%

BlackBerry Limited (BB)                           $15.95                         +$1.29                      +$8.79

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