Revved Up! Apple Is Expected To Announce Their First-Ever $100 Billion Revenue Quarter Next Week.

All signs point to a huge earnings report on Wednesday for Apple, as the tech giant is expected to post its first-ever quarter with more than $100 billion in revenue.

Give a lot of the credit to the huge sales numbers of the new iPhone 12, as well as high demand for iPads and Macs for kids doing distance learning throughout the country, and workers around the world turning that extra bedroom or corner of a basement into a home office.

Analysts are also touting the success of the company’s services category, as the company has had to transition away from big retail store sales to more digital transactions.

There are models projected Apple’s first fiscal quarter revenue to be at a record $102.54 billion, which would be up from $91.82 billion a year ago. Another tracking model is pegging the revenue to be at $103.76 billion.

The sales numbers for the iPhone are staggering, just under $60 billion for the quarter.

Apple wouldn’t reveal any additional financial details about their upcoming earnings call, other than CFO Luca Maestri saying to “expect growth in iPhone revenue.”

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