A Restraining Order, Wedding, And Farewell To SNL. Eventful Times For Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian jetted off to Italy for the wedding of her sister Kourtney in Portofino, and she might be happy to get out of the country for a while, considering what she’s had to deal with lately. Her life might be ultra-glamorous, but it comes with a lot of strings attached.  

For one thing, she gets a lot of threats on her and her children’s lives, and the threats she’s received recently have been so frightening that her lawyer Shawn Holley went to court to get a restraining order for Kim against a guy named David Resendiz. Somehow, Resendiz got Kim’s home and business addresses and began sending over 80 letters that threatened Kim and her four kids. 

A report in TMZ said the delusional Resendiz claimed to have an intimate relationship with Kim, and the report said he’s made “disturbing sexual references about her in the letters. 

On multiple occasions, letters have threatened to kill Kim, and on April 25, she received a bomb threat in a letter sent to a business office of hers.  She wants the judge to order Resendiz to stay 100 yards away from her and her family. 

Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson, is not in Italy with her because he will be performing on the season finale of Saturday Night Live on Saturday night.  Reports in Variety say that it will be Davidson’s final appearance on the show he’s been on since 2014. 

It’s been a heck of a run for Davidson.  His star status grew significantly when he began dating Ariana Grande, and it hit the stratosphere when his relationship bloomed with Kim K after her appearance hosting the show this past fall. 

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