Is Vladimir Putin Terminally Ill and Dying Of Cancer? A Former Russian Intelligence Officer And Others Believe So.

In this handout photo made from video released by the Russian Presidential Press Service, Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks to celebrate International Women's Day, in Moscow, Russia, Tuesday, March 8, 2022. International Women's Day on March 8 is an official holiday in Russia, where men traditionally give flowers and gifts to female relatives, friends and colleagues. (Russian Presidential Press Service via AP)

Want to know one reason many people in the know think Russian President Vladimir Putin executed the invasion of Ukraine so quickly and suddenly?  He’s dying. 

According to reports citing a former Russian intelligence officer who now works for the Pentagon, Putin could be suffering from terminal bowel cancer. His puffy face seen in images this year could indicate he is undergoing chemotherapy treatments or on steroids. 

The Daily Star reported this in their story that quoted the source. 

“The source says this diagnosis could have encouraged him to be more aggressive and attack Ukraine so he can leave a legacy knowing he is dying.  He added that analysts have been studying Putin who think he has a terminal illness.”

Here’s more from the source as quoted in The Daily Star. 

“In the past we have seen him smile, but in 2022 there are few pictures of him looking happy. His look suggests he is in pain and our people suggest his angry look is most likely as a result of him being in agony. Our people are confident he is ill – he is concerned about COVID as he keeps his staff at a distance.”

Also in that story, a retired British Royal Navy Admiral named Chris Parry refers to Putin as a “man in a hurry. He has been using these very long tables to interview people,” Parry told the U.K. paper. “I think his immune system might be suppressed at the moment. So he is a man in a hurry.”

A paper in the UK called The Sun ran a story with this headline;  “MAD VLAD — Five clues ‘bloated and unhinged’ Putin could be seriously ill.”

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