Red Alert! Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt Said It’s Time To Get Serious About China Trying To Overtake The U.S. In Key Areas.

There’s one influential and well-known businessman who is very concerned about the rapid gains China is making on the U.S. Eric Schmidt, the former CEO of Google is part of a group called the China Strategy Group, and they published a memo that Axios obtained, where they say China is surging in it’s attempt to overtake the United States in critical areas. “America’s technological leadership is fundamental to its security, prosperity, and democratic way of life,” the introduction to the memo said. “But this vital advantage is now at risk, with China surging to overtake the United States in critical areas.”

The group Schmidt is part of has laid out what they call several “urgent policy solutions” that would “position the United States to outcompete China” without inciting more tension or conflict.

The group laid out specifically in their memo what many people assume or already knew when it comes to the ambitions of China. “China plays by a different set of rules that allow it to benefit from corporate espionage, illiberal surveillance, and a blurry line between its public and private sector,” the China Strategy Group explains.

One of The China Strategy Group’s biggest concerns is how China is on its way to having a competitive technical advantage over the U.S., and the group has made recommendations for federal institutions including government redesign, in order for the U.S. to stay ahead of China when it comes to technology.

Other proposals in the memo from the group include launching a national tech analysis center, improving U.S. immigration laws, strengthening U.S. supply chains and former new democracy-focused initiatives and alliances.

There are people very concerned that following former President Trump’s tough stance when handling China, President Biden might take a friendlier stance towards China.  On Tuesday, Commerce Secretary nominee Gina Raimondo testified that the administration would pursue an aggressive policy toward China.

According to the China Strategy Group, that would be a good idea.

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