Ready To Rumble! The Judge In The Twitter Vs Elon Musk Case Has Been Announced And She’s Not To Be Trifled With.

You can’t build multiple successful tech and space companies, be worth $230 billion, and not have a love and keen understanding of data and analytics. So, here’s a piece of data Elon Musk should file away as he prepares to fight Twitter over their demand that he cut a check for $44 billion and take over the company they are struggling to run. 

The judge overseeing the case of Twitter v Musk is a no-nonsense individual who has done something in his past that few judges ever do; he ordered a reluctant buyer to close a corporate merger in the U.S.

This is precisely what Twitter is trying to accomplish.  The judge is Kathleen McCormick, according to a report in Reuters, and she is the chief judge of the Court Chancery in Delaware. Because of the stakes involved, the amount of the proposed deal, the star power of Musk, and the combustible and toxic nature of Twitter, this legal battle will dominate the news for a long time. 

Adam Badawi is a law professor specializing in corporate governance at UC Berkeley.  Here’s what he told Reuters. 

“She already has a track record of not putting up with some of the worst behavior we see in these areas when people want to get out of deals. She is a serious, no-nonsense judge.”

She’s not loud, bombastic, unpredictable, and funny like Musk, but reports say she runs her courtroom with a firm resolve and demands respect and integrity from her litigants. 

The first hearing is set for July 19 in Wilmington, Delaware. Twitter wants the case heard in September. 

The deal that McCormick forced occurred in 2021 when she ordered an affiliate of a private equity firm to close its $550 million purchase of DecoPac Holding Inc.  This company makes cake decorating products.  The only people that followed that case were Wall Street workers, but the case she has in front of her will have the whole world tuning in. 

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