Ready For Your Eyes To Play Tricks On You? The KFC Logo Will Never Look The Same After You Read This Story!

There is nothing like a viral tweet to inspire honesty and quality information from the social media universe.

On Tuesday, Freddie Campion, content director at Headspace, brought an American icon back to figurative life by referencing one of his wife’s beliefs from her formative years.

“My wife just confessed that for her entire childhood she thought Colonel Sanders’ bow tie was his whole body, and now I can’t stop seeing a tiny stick body every time I look at him,” he tweeted alongside images of the colonel.

KFC’s Colonel Sanders holds a prominent position as an instantly recognizable logo in this country and around the world. The idea that his tie was a tiny stick figure under a large head is not new, having been referenced for years, but this one generated more than 400,000 likes and almost 50,000 retweets. Campion’s Twitter account has 163,000 followers. An added benefit to the tweet? It has produced myriad entertaining comments, including:

“Well I thought the Arby’s logo was a fish jumping out of water until I was like 17,” someone tweeted alongside a GIF of the fast-food franchise.

“My wife was singing to our son when I realized that she thought it was ‘Mary had a little lamb, it’s FLEAS were white as snow,’” replied another.

“She’s a genius. Can you ask her to interpret the Starbucks lady. Does she have legs with little crab feet that she’s trying to lift above her head? I don’t get what’s going on here,” another person pointed out about the Starbucks logo.

“Just wait until you realize that Cap’t Crunch’s eyebrows are on his hat,” another post accurately identified the cereal mascot logo.

The extra-crispy comments are just what the world needs at the close of a rough year.

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