Put a Lid On It Houston Haters—The Astros Ditch their Cheat Sheet

Houston Astros' Carlos Correa, left, and Houston Astros' George Springer, leap in celebration after they defeated the Minnesota Twins 3-1 in Game 2 to clinch the American League wild-card baseball series, Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020, in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)

Covid has sucked, for every and all things except the Houston Astros. The notorious cheaters who took the ultimate shortcut to a World Series title in 2017 by alerting batters what pitch was coming by banging on trash cans, avoided a 6-month walk of shame when Covid forced MLB teams to play in empty stadiums. They avoided 81 games of non-stop verbal abuse that would have been coming their way in stadiums from LA to Fenway. 
It’s not like the Astros aren’t a good team, heck they might have actually won something without cheating three years ago, and they not only qualified for the American League playoffs in the shortened 60-game regular season, they just knocked out the Minnesota Twins in a two-game sweep. 
Carlos Correa hit a two-out, tie-breaking home run in the seventh inning for the Astros at Target Field in Minneapolis to secure the 3-1 win. It was the 18th-straight playoff loss for the Twins. It’s almost impossible to do that if you try. And making it even more embarrassing for the Twinkies, they can’t even use the excuse that the Astros cheated. At least we don’t think they did. 
“I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don’t want to see us here,” Correa said after the game. “But what are they going to say now?”

How about this. “We hope you lose in your next series.”

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