Props To Iconic Movie Fans. For Big Bucks You Can Pretend You Are “Maverick” Or “James Bond”

A Hollywood prop auction is one-stop Christmas shopping, with Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber for that hard-to-buy-for “Star Wars” fan, Julia Roberts’ boots from “Pretty Woman” for the fashionable woman in your life, and an “Alien” mechanical head for your resident cosplayer.

Those three items by themselves could fetch $200,000 to $300,000 when The Prop Store’s annual live auction of movie and television memorabilia takes place virtually on Dec. 1 and 2. The lightsaber alone is estimated to be worth $103,000 to $155,000, while the boots and the alien head each will fetch $52,000 to $78,000.

UK-based Prop Store CEO Stephen Lane told Fox Business that the auction will offer 913 items with a combined value of $5.6 million.

“One of the most important philosophies of The Prop Store is that we cater to entry-level collectors, so there’s a little bit of something for everybody in this,” Lane told Fox Business. “We fill all those gaps,” he said about costs. “There’s a lot of products and pieces that suit different budgets.”

The auction will also include James Bond’s MI6 training suit worn by Daniel Craig in “Skyfall” ($19,000 to $26,000), Jack Nicholson’s purple fedora as Joker in “Batman” ($26,000 to $38,000), Tom Cruise’s bomber jacket from “Top Gun” ($15,000 to $21,000), Keanu Reeves’ costume from “The Matrix: Reloaded” ($52,000 to $78,000), Brad Pitt’s red leather jacket from “Fight Club” ($26,000 to $38,000) and David Bowie’s crystal ball as Jareth in “Labyrinth” ($13,000 to $19,000).

A virtual preview will be held via social media in November.

Last year, a radio-controlled hero ghost trap from the original “Ghostbusters” film sold for $242,000 at The Prop Store’s auction.

While Hollywood struggles amid the pandemic, this segment of Hollywood will thrive as nostalgia for old-fashioned moviegoing only gets enhanced as people stay away from theaters.

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