President Xi Jinping Looks To Integrate Xinjiang And The Uyghurs In China

For a long time, the Xinjiang region has been said to have created labour camps for the ethnic minority Muslim group, Uyghurs. Evidence exists, it is very clear that ethnic cleansing has been occurring. The BBC published archive files on individuals arrested, for matters akin to any other genocide. Trying to fight back against oppression, such as educating yourself.

In response, the US has prepared to ban all imported goods that come from the western region.

Ma Xingrui is the new appointed Xinjiang chief, this comes after President Xi Jinping calls in motion a rebranding of Xinjiang. Ma Xingrui is experienced in previously running the tech hub Shenzen, which is foundational to China’s signal of transformation to the wider world. “Accelerate the integration of urban and rural development” and “vigorously develop labour-intensive industries.” Farmers and herdsmen, he said, must be able to “achieve stable employment and sustained income growth.”

Some academics argue this rural-to-urban labour transfer program, is a facade and has a much darker reality. “In the Uyghur Region, refusing a government-sponsored labour program is not an option — that is what makes it forced labour,” said Laura Murphy, professor of human rights and contemporary slavery at UK-based Sheffield Hallam University. “This is not a social program.”

Xinjiang takes the central stage in China-US relations after President Biden puts forced labour in the region ahead of everything else. The US has already outlined how it will “leverage its authority and resources” to combat the set of “horrific abuses”, which also includes lobbying and applying diplomatic pressures on other countries to recognise the violation of human rights and apply strict measures too.

This redefines China-US relations and global supply chains.


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