Swim At Your Own Risk! Viscious Piranhas Have Killed 4 People In The Paraguay River.

The next person who tells me they plan to go to Paraguay for vacation will be the first, but if it happens, I’ll be warning them to stay out of the Paraguay River. 

Unless swimming with and potentially being killed by piranha’s sounds like a fun adventure. 

Four swimmers have been killed, and another 20 have been injured in piranha attacks in that river on the outskirts of Asuncion. 

The details of the attacks by the aggressive killer fish are horrible. A 22-year old man was taken down and bitten so severely it took a search party 45-minutes to locate his body. 

According to reports from the region, another attack of a 49-year old man showed that the piranhas went after his face. 

According to a biologist from the region, piranhas are extra aggressive in the breeding season, which is right now.  Peak breeding occurs in December.  Going at a victim’s face is not typical for these killer fish. Usually, they focus on the heels and toes of swimmers, so the fact that they are ultra-aggressive and vicious right now is rare. 

Hopefully, people who live around the river can resist the temptation of going in, which is difficult considering the weather forecast.  High temps are hitting triple digits all week, with sweltering humidity. 

And to add even more bad news to this story, if swimmers are lucky enough to avoid the piranhas, the river is loaded with dangerous stingrays too. 

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