Peloton Flops Again. Another Embarrassing Misstep For The Free-Falling Home Fitness Company. 

Peloton is not good at public relations.  The sooner they realize that the better off they will be. 

Thursday, they learned they aren’t quite as clever as they think they are, as they were forced to take down a viral commercial that starred Chris Noth, aka “Mr. Big” from Sex and the City fame, because the actor was accused of sexual assault by two women. 

The reboot for SATC called “And Just Like That” aired its debut episode last week, and in that show, Mr. Big died after doing a workout on a Peloton. The company had given the show’s producers the green light to use them in the show without knowing what the storyline would be. That’s about as amateur of a move as a brand can make. 

So, after that gaffe, they tried to cleverly make up for it by filming a mock commercial produced and narrated by Ryan Reynolds and his marketing team Maximum Effort.  

It was live for 36 hours before Peloton had to yank it after the news about Noth. The uber energetic fitness instructor, Jess King, who appeared in the spot, also pulled it from her social channels.

Last week Peloton stock sunk 11% after the episode aired, and Wall Street will report Friday what their latest humiliating incident cost the company. 

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