“Pelletized Cow Manure” & “Are You Listening?” Highlights of Dueling Town Halls

Tuning into the competing town halls for even a minute, one thing was clear, the contrast in NBC’s President Donald Trump town hall and ABC’s Joe Biden event was drastic. Trump was grilled, while Biden was leisurely answering questions. At times, the NBC coverage felt more like a debate between moderator Savannah Guthrie and Trump. The ABC town hall featuring Biden felt more like a relaxed panel discussion.

A couple of highlights from the night include Biden stating he would announce his viewpoint on court-packing after the Senate votes on Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and before the Nov. 3 election. Biden also reiterated his stance that, “I have not been a fan of court packing.”

During the NBC town hall, when pressed by Guthrie on denouncing white supremacy, Trump said, “Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy, what’s your next question?” Trump also complained about NBC not asking Biden if he would denounce Antifa, saying the press treats the former vice president like “a child.”

The glaring question missing from the evening was about the bombshell New York Post story, which reported on emails that linked Biden’s son, Hunter, and his business dealings in the Ukraine. During the ABC town hall, neither George Stephanopoulos or any audience member asked him about this.

But Biden did enlighten America about his take on pelletized cow manure.

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