Parler Games! The Social Media App Has Been Booted From Most Big App Stores, And Their Leaders Think They Know Why.

The ‘C’ word is being bantered about a whole lot this past week. Parler, the new kid on the block social media platform has been suspended by Amazon Web Services following the riot at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, and Parler’s leaders feel they have a target on them.  “We are clearly being singled out,” Chief Policy Officer Amy Peikoff told Fox. 

A day earlier, Parler surged to the top spot Apple’s free apps section, and shortly after that, Apple suspended Parler from the App Store. 

Who’s giving the orders to quiet anyone who wants to communicate on Parler? Peikoff isn’t blaming the big tech companies, she believes the decisions are being made a few thousand miles to the east. “We’re not necessarily being singled out by those tech companies, but certainly by the people who have been putting pressure on them and, in fact, we think we’re being set up in a lot of ways because in looking at some of the content, these are accounts that have been created two days ago and they have few pieces of content and some of them are parodies of what you would think a right-wing insider of violence would be,” Peikoff said. 

Parler has also been removed from Google’s App Store, citing Google’s “longstanding policies” to remove obscene and violent posts. 

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