Oh, The Weather Outside In The Northeast Is About To Get Frightful! And There’s Definitely No Place To Go.

There is no need to dream about it. The Northeast is about to experience a white Christmas season with an impending storm that will wallop the area with massive snow, dangerous ice and blinding blizzards.

A low-pressure system is expected to turn into a nor’easter quickly and harshly, affecting 45 million people on Wednesday and Thursday. It will begin with a wintry mix in North Carolina and Virginia and turning into heavier snow blanketing the Mid-Atlantic region as it builds toward New England.

After a dismal snow season for cities like New York, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., many areas could get half of their seasonal snow in 24 hours. It has been five years since New York City has received more than a foot of snow from one storm, but this might end that run. Outdoor dining in New York will be suspended as of 2 p.m. Wednesday.

More than 2 inches of precipitation per hour will accumulate as the area from New York City to Boston will receive mainly snow from late Wednesday to Thursday morning.

Snowfall totals are expected to be erratic, depending on where the front is positioned but western Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania are projected to receive 2 feet of snow. Long Island and Cape Cod could face blizzard conditions with winds gusting at 40-50 mph.

As the holiday travel cranks up, the roads will become more dangerous. The Northeast will be at risk for power outages. “Travel is not recommended,” the National Weather Service warned.

Stay safe … and warm.

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