Shot Clock! Residents of NYC Have A Few Weeks To Get Vaccinated If They Want To Partake In Indoor Activities.

New York City wants as many people as possible to get the COVID-19 vaccination. 

They have decided to pay people $100 to get the shot, and now they are saying they will shame people if they don’t. 

Beginning in mid-August, a program will launch in NYC that requires anyone wanting to do an indoor activity, such as eating at a restaurant, going to the gym, watching a movie, or anything else inside will have to prove they had the vaccine. 

Enforcement begins September 13, when kids go back to school and offices open up again to workers. 

According to some data out of the Big Apple, roughly 40% of residents of the city have not received a shot. 

As of now Mayor Bill de Blasio is not requiring proof of vaccination to do outdoor actives, but anything indoors is going to require a pass. 

As for how the city plans to enforce the new rule, well, one way is by inspecting businesses to check on the compliance.  Workers would have to have a vaccination card or proof online that they have been vaccinated. 

One industry giving push back to the new rule is the National Restaurant Association.  They represent over half a million food starve establishments, and said the new mandate would be hard to enforce, and once again, punish the restaurant industry. 

Here’s what Larry Lynch, the Sr. VP of science and industry at the Association had to say. 

“Checking vaccination status isn’t like ID-ing a customer before serving them a drink—staff receive training on how to do that. Now, without training, our staff members are expected to check the vaccine status of every customer wanting to eat inside the establishment.”

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