Can You Guess The 7th Most Valuable Company In The World? Hint: 2 Years Ago It was No. 50.

There’s one company that has thrived during the pandemic more than any other.  

Two years ago, microchip maker Nvidia was the 50th-largest company globally.  Today they have soared to near the top of the charts, checking in as the 7th largest company, and on the way, they replaced Facebook owner Meta. 

This is a tale of two companies; how Nvidia has thrived and Meta/Facebook has hit turbulent waters. 

The numbers don’t lie, as Nvidia had a market cap of $618.2 billion Monday, while Meta closed at $612.2 billion. 

If you don’t think Mark Zuckerberg is sweating a little bit right now, consider this; since Wednesday, $267 billion has been shaved off Meta’s value. 

The next company Nvidia can have in their sights is Berkshire Hathaway Inc, which closed Monday with a valuation of $706.97 billion. 

So you might e wondering what Nvidia does.  They make microchips and have extremely profitable data-center and gaming businesses raking in money. 

There’s a different tune playing at the Meta headquarters in California, as they try to fend off a serious challenge by Tik Tok and deal with privacy-related changes Apple has made to limit the ability of third parties to track the activity of users online. 

Maybe Zuck should consider shifting some of his personal wealth into Nvidia stock because analysts believe they will continue to grow in value. 

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