New York City, Boston, Washington And Philadelphia Are Bracing For A Huge Blizzard. Snow Fall Numbers Could Be Highest In The Last 150 Years.

A Times Square Alliance worker clears sidewalks of snow in Times Square, Monday, Feb. 1, 2021, in the Manhattan borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

As if New Yorkers haven’t had to deal with enough the past year, now they are bracing for what could be one of the biggest snowfalls the city has seen since 1869. The Big Apple is in the crosshairs of a huge blizzard that meteorologists are predicting could dump two feet of snow in the region.

The storm got busy in Chicago first, hitting that big city with a foot of snow, before putting to the pedal to the medal with the East Coast in sight, with Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and NYC right in its path. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York warned people in his state to make plans to stay at home for the next couple days. ”Snow plows cannot keep up with two inches per hour,” Cuomo said. ‘We’re looking at a long two days here. If you are not an essential worker you should not be on the roads during the state of emergency.”

A storm of this magnitude of course will wreak havoc on travel plans, and while roads are already unappeasable, and outdoor subway service has been shut down.

90% of flights have already been cancelled in the three New York area airports, and there’s a good chance the remaining flights will also be cancelled.

On top of up to 24 inches of snow coming to New York City, the winds will be gusting between 45-55 mph, making it dangerous to even think about going anywhere.

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