New Rule. The White House Announces They Will Seize Russian Oligarch’s Expensive Toys, Sell Them, And Give The Money To Ukraine.

Because Vladimir Putin is such an unhinged and unpredictable maniac who shows little regard for human life, the United States and our allies do not have the option of helping Ukraine defend themselves militarily. So, instead, what the good guys are trying to do is hit Russia with so many economic sanctions that it devalues their currency and destroys their economy. 

Will it work? Time will tell, but the White House announced a new way to hit Russia where it hurts on Thursday, saying they will seize and then sell the mega yachts, jets, homes, and luxury apartments owned by billionaire Russian oligarchs then use that money to aid in Ukraine’s defense. 

The proposal will give new authorities to scoop up the expensive toys and homes, streamlining the process of seizing oligarchs’ assets and selling them quickly to get the funds to Ukraine. 

It’s an idea that is becoming very popular for Republican and Democratic politicians in the U.S. as Russia continues its onslaught.  

What we’re learning about Russian oligarchs is what they lack in taste and the ability not to be tacky; they more than make up for being rich. They are predominantly hand-selected by Putin and got insanely wealthy running utility or energy companies in Russia.  They have no limits on what they will spend money on and go for the low-hanging fruit generally of artwork, big private planes, huge yachts, and overs-sized condos in London, New York, Dubai, and other spots around the world. 

A Yahoo story referenced an FBI raid on Ole Deripaska that allowed the FBI to seize Prada shoes, sunglasses, and six fin pieces of art. 

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