Can You Make Money On The Market Ignoring The Most Woke Companies And Brands? A New Fund Intends To Find Out.

In the world of political correctness we all inhabit there are some brands and corporations that are just much more woke than others. 

While certain companies have absolutely no problem alienating a percentage of their potential customer base because their political values don’t line up with what the company is standing for, the question of whether that makes good or bad business sense has to be asked. 

So, what about the politically active companies like Twitter, Disney, Facebook, Delta and Target to name a few?  Is there a way to make money on the market if you disagree with these companies philosophies? 

We’re about to find out. 

There is what’s called a “conservative ETF” which is designed to boycott companies they view as “hostile” because their liberal agenda.  

The official name is The American Conservative Values ETF, it’s a exchange-traded fund designed to track the market while boycotting companies that outwardly advance left-wing causes. 

Some of the companies being boycotted are Twitter, Nike, Disney Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Delta Airlines, Facebook and Google. 

A story in Business Insider reported that so far this ETF has gained 9.1% since January 20 when Joe Biden took office.  That outperforms the 8.7 gain overall in the S&P 500 during that same time. 

The man behind the fund is Bill Flaig, CEO of Ridgeline Research.  He acts as the investment advisor for this ETF, and told Innside the reason he launched the fund is to allow conservative investors something they could feel good about and not pump their money into liberal companies whose philosophies they don’t agree with.  “Our goal is to balance the advocacy of boycotting and still maintain predictable, large cap performance.” 

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