Elon’s Side, Side, Side, Side Side, Side Hustle.  Have You Heard About His New Company That Just Raised $205 Million?

Finally, Elon Musk found something to do those 13 seconds per month his schedule wasn’t booked. 

He has a new company that just raised $205 million in funding to work on. 

It’s called Neuralink, and what he says it will be able to do is fascinating.  The money raised is earmarked for one specific application for the microchips that are designed to go into people’s brains: help quadriplegic people control digital devices with their mind. 

He has some pretty high profile backers, including GV (formerly Google Ventures) and a total of seven venture capital firms, along with five executives in Silicon Valley. 

According to a story in Business Insider, Neuralink is developing something called the N1 Link, a microchip that goes into the human skull and has wires encircling the brain’s cortex. 

On top of helping paralyzed people with their devices, it could also enable amputees to control robotic limbs. 

Here’s part of a statement from the company.  “The first indication this device is intended for is to help quadriplegics regain their digital freedom by allowing users to interact with their computers or phones in a high bandwidth and naturalistic way.”

The company is testing things on primates, but could transition to human testing by the end of 2021.  

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