New Borat Movie. Same Old Formula. More Hapless Victims.

Rest assured, Rudy Giuliani will most likely NOT be watching the new Borat movie streaming on Amazon Prime, but millions will be. And once again, Sasha Baron Cohen has proved he’s at genius level when it comes to garnering organic publicity and promotion for his outlandish films.

For the uninitiated, Borat is a fictional journalist from a country called Kazakhstan who gets unwitting public figures to sit down with him for an interview. Producers either pick the most gullible people in the world or the ones most willing to smile politely and placate the idiotic character provoking them. Either way, hilarity ensues (most of the time).

However, in this sequel, “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm: Delivery of Prodigious Bribe to American Regime for Make Benefit Once Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan”a film we will simply refer to as “the sequel”—the once innovative political prankster is up to his same old tricks at a time when Americans are seeking something new.

The plot line in the sequel is not a huge secret, especially since some of Cohen’s antics for the film made actual headlines. Borat is sent by his home country to give a present to President “McDonald Trump.” The faux journalist decides to “gift” his 15-year old daughter.

Borat crashed the Conservative Political Action Conference in February with plans to have Mike Pence deliver the “goods.”

If you think it all sounds insensitive, join the chorus of women saying “me too.”

Along the way, Borat has face-to-face encounters with everyone from a pro-life pastor to Rudy Giuliani. Since every character (including Borat) is preaching nothing but nonsense, it may be hard for a majority of movie watchers to find the funny.

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