Need a Break? Pretend You are On This Yacht

Coronavirus, statewide lockdowns and now the presidential election — 2020 has been draining, to say the least. How can we escape from reality? Why not dream about Magnet, a 148-foot tri-deck superyacht that can cross the Atlantic four times on one tank of gas? Chances are you won’t be able to make it a part of your reality any time soon, since it is not even listed for sale, so dreaming about it may be the only option.

Metal Shark Yachts has recently launched Magnet, the first of its kind. Owner George Wallner envisioned a “serious, rugged and purpose-built vessel capable of reaching remote, unspoiled destinations that you cannot get to with an airplane.” Quite the ambition, right? Well, Metal Shark

had visions of their own, which aligned with Wallner’s, in turn creating this unique design. With twin 2,600-hp MTU diesel engines, Magnet can reach a top speed of 31 mph. It also has a range of 12,600 miles, if moving at the speed of 11.5 mph, allowing it to sail to and from the East Coast in the United States to the western shores of Europe not once, but twice!

  Not only are the mechanics extraordinary, but the interior design is one of a kind. “When you’re in it, it feels like you’re in a high-rise apartment rather than a mechanical object …. . You feel like you’re in the environment around you rather than inside a yacht,” says Chris Allard, CEO of Metal Shark.

Wallner has specified that he wants to enjoy the picturesque view of blue skies and dazzling water through the glass panels, so the interior will remain informal. With 4,300 square feet of interior space, the superyacht has a master suite, VIP cabin and three guest cabins in addition to a top-level sundeck including dining areas, a bar and a flybridge for watching the sunset.

According to Allard, owners of a Metal Shark Yacht may custom-design it to their liking. So, keep dreaming, right?

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