Naming Rights!  Another Company Called Meta Is Suing Zuck’s Meta And Says They Have Been “Obliterated.”

Seen on the screen of a device in Sausalito, Calif., Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announces their new name, Meta, during a virtual event on Thursday, Oct. 28, 2021. Zuckerberg talked up his latest passion -- creating a virtual reality "metaverse" for business, entertainment and meaningful social interactions. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Mark Zuckerberg had a splashy presentation last fall, unveiling a brand new name for the company he created at Harvard. Goodbye Facebook, hello Meta Platforms! According to a company called Meta LLC, this meant their downfall.

They have filed a lawsuit against Meta Platforms for trademark infringement, saying they were operating in the virtual and augmented reality technology world for a long time before Zuck and company ruined things by taking their name. 

The actual wording in the lawsuit filed in New York is “obliterated.”  Meta LLC’s lawyers say their small company is doomed because of Facebook’s name change. 

“Meta’s small business stands no chance against the corporate behemoth.” 

They want an injection to force Meta Platforms to stop using the Meta name and a fat check for damages too. 

Okay, so here’s where things get interesting.  Meta LLC has roughly $65 million in annual revenue and under 60 full-time employees. 

Zuck’s Meta comes to the table with some serious legal firepower. His company does $86 billion in revenue, and the general rule is that a corporation of that size will have five full-time in-house attorneys for every $1 billion in revenue. So, that would be roughly 440 or so full-time lawyers. 

In other words, David vs. Goliath. 

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