Three Musketeers Missing Musk! Joe Biden Invites EV Makers Ford, GM, And Stellantis To White House But Not Tesla.

President Joe Biden speaks on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 5, 2021, during an event on clean cars and trucks. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

It’s pretty hard for Elon Musk to be forgotten or overlooked, so this must have been planned?

Joe Biden invited EV automakers to the White House Thursday to celebration their accomplishments, and he somehow forgot to invite the guy behind the world’s biggest manufacturer of Electric Vehicles. 

Yes, Musk was absent from the meeting that included execs from Ford, GM, and even a company called Stellantis, which was formed by a merger of Fiat and PSA of France. 

Now keep in mind if you think this was an honest mistake, the percentage of US sales of electric vehicles for GM is 1.5%. For Ford it’s even less at 1.3%. 

As for Stellantis, the reason you probably haven’t heard of them, is because they don’t have any sales in America. 

So, was Elon upset? He summed up his feelings in this tweet.  “Yeah, seems odd that Tesla wasn’t invited.”

Could Biden have forgotten about Tesla? Never heard of them? I guess it’s possible, but another reason that seems to be the go-to choice based on reports Thursday is the fact that the UAW will be there too. The United Auto Workers Union represents workers at GM, Ford, and even Stellantis, but not Tesla.  So things could have been a little uncomfortable with Musk in the room. 

Press Secretary Jen Psaki got hit up with questions about it at her briefing Thursday. 

“Well, we of course welcome the efforts of automakers who recognize the potential of an electric vehicle future and support efforts that will help reach the President’s goal, and certainly Tesla is one of those companies. I would not expect this is the last time we talk about clean cars and the move towards electric vehicles, and we look forward to having a range of partners in that effort.”

Not a direct answer, but an answer nonetheless. 

One piece of news coming out of the meeting was the three automakers there pledged a “shared aspiration” of having EV’s be 40-50 percent of their sales by 2030. 

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