Much Like The Success His Shorts Had Covering His Thong, The Super Bowl Streaker’s Ambitious Gambling Stunt Failed Miserably.

The streaker in the pink, thonged-unitard did something during the Super Bowl Sunday that the Kansas City Chiefs failed at. He got into the end zone.

The goof’s name is Yuri Andrade, and since the game and halftime show were so boring in Tampa Bay, Yuri has been given a whole lot of media attention this past week.

Yeah, he got arrested, but I’m sure he felt it was worth it since he was only charged with a misdemeanor trespassing charge and let go after posting a $500 bond.

A blog called Front Office Sports reported that Andrade put down  $50,000 with the offshore gambling sight Bovada, on a prop bet that someone would get on the field during the game.

While Andrade is a terrible dresser, his stunt seemed like it might work on paper.

Since Bovada had a $1,000 liming on prop bets, Andrade got a bunch of friends to make similar bets.

The odds were +750, which meant if the bet came through it would turn into a $375,000 payday for Andrade and his boys to split.

Much like the success his shorts had staying up and covering his backside during his scandalous sprint around Raymond James Stadium, the betting plan failed. One person who bet $800 hoping to collect $6,000 was told to take a hike, and Bovada canceled his account.

If only there were another way for Yuri Andrade to monetize his stunt. It would have been a whole lot less humiliating if he would have banked a couple hundred grand.

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