I See Your Suit For $1.3 Billion And I Raise You $1.6 Billion. MyPillow Guy Accuses Dominion Voting Systems Of Defamation.

Say this about Mike Lindell.  He knows how to make lawyers rich. 

In the past month, he’s been sued by Dominion Voting Systems to the tune fo $1.3 billion for his accusations that the company rigged the 2020 election in favor of Joe Biden. 

On Monday, Lindell decided to try to one-up Dominion, by filing his own billion dollar plus lawsuit, claiming he needs to protect free speech and have Dominion pay for the damage MyPillow has suffered from Dominion’s claims. 

The total amount Lindell is looking fo in this defamation suit is $1.6 billion. 

Here’s language from Lindell’s action. “This lawsuit is brought in support of the marketplace of ideas and to remedy the grave harm that has been suffered by MyPillow as a result of Dominion’s suppression of speech and attacks on the Company.”

Here’s the point Lindell is apparently trying to make with this lawsuit. His claim is that all the statements made about Dominion came from Lindell as an individual, not his MyPillow company. He wants the differentiation to be clear that there is a difference between the two, and Domion’s suit has done considerable harm to his business. 

Here’s more from the lawsuit Lindell filed. “In making these statements, Lindell spoke for himself, not MyPillow. MyPillow has not engaged in discussion about the 2020 election. However, as an American company supporting American constitutional values, MyPillow unreservedly supports Lindell’s right to exercise his First Amendment freedoms concerning the matters of critical public concern, like election matters.”

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