Might As Well Be Known For Something! Since They Are Horrible In Most Sports, Rutgers University Trying To Organize An Amazing New Fight Song!

It sounds like some Rutgers University alumni would like nothing more than if they “Woke Up This Morning” to a new fight song. That may be the reason why an online petition was started to change the school’s current fight song to the classic theme from “The Sopranos.” Fittingly, the petition was started by a guy named Tony.

The online petition to change the fight song to “Woke Up This Morning” by Alabama 3 was started by Tony Lake and says, “Our current fight song is trash and I think this change is overdue. James Gandolfini is arguably our most notable alum, and the whole thing just makes sense.”

The petition is titled “Change the Rutgers Fight Song to Woke Up This Morning from Sapranos,” which makes you wonder if the petition was started following some libations at the Bada Bing! as Lake didn’t even get the spelling of Sopranos correct in the title.

The petition on Change.org is looking for 500 signatures, and at the time of this article it had already amassed about 100 signatures within its first 20 hours of being created.

The current Rutgers fight song finishes with a couple lines that look like they are written by Scooby Doo: “R! U! RAH! RAH! R! U! RAH! RAH! RAH! HOORAH! HOORAH! RUTGERS! RAH! RAH!” before finishing with a rousing push to fight “up stream”? The song finishes with FIGHT! TEAM! UP! STREAM! UP! STREAM! RED! TEAM! RAH! RAH! RUTGERS! RAH!

While Lake may have an “up stream” fight on his hands, the current fight song almost sounds like it belongs sleeping with the fishes.

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